Road Transportation

Intelligent Networked Holographic Intersection Platform

Based on the structured data extracted from the surveillance video data, it simulates the real-time traffic flow. Allow managers to truly realize the intersection traffic situation monitoring, help traffic business research and judgment.

    Meso- and Micro- Traffic Flow Simulation Platform

    Construct a digital twin visualization and interactive system 'One Map' for microscopic traffic simulation, reproduce the operation process of mesoscopic and microscopic traffic flow, support the research and development of decision-making algorithms for traffic simulation, provide reliable tools for traffic flow problems such as congestion traceability, and provide managers with a reliable basis for decision-making.

      Shanxi Wuyu Highway Digital Twin

      The program uses a highway tunnel as a test site for V2X, demonstrating the optimization of driving experience and the upgrading of operational services provided by intelligent networked transportation to traffic participants and managers in a commercialized environment.

        Digital Twin Management and Control Platform for Bridge

        Accurate insight into bridge-related elemental information, realizing intelligent monitoring of bridge structures. Enabling more accurate and efficient traffic management, creating a safer, more efficient and better travel experience for vehicles.

          Air Transportation

          Digital Aviation Intelligent Airport Operation Monitoring and Management Platform

          Complete construction of airport macro and micro integration of high-precision digital twin scenario, airport real-time operation data drive digital airport twin operation, combined with simulation and data analysis capabilities, improve airport operation efficiency

            Rail Transportation

            Wuyi Square Station Twin Intelligent Control Service Platform

            The high-fidelity rail transit a priori management platform constructed on the basis of AES all-element base integrates multi-source data of operation and management scenarios, equipments, and passenger flow, and utilizes real-time monitoring and simulation and deduction cloud services to effectively enhance the station operation service capability and emergency response capability.

              Waterborne Transport

              Zhelihang Digital Twin Waterway Platform

              On the basis of high-precision restoration of the channel range, through real data-driven scenarios such as changes in ship trajectory, simulated restoration of the upstream and downstream crossing process in the channel, and inverse simulation of historical ship data, it can be traced back to a certain period of time prior to the channel traffic, which can more effectively help operators control the real-time condition of the channel, and more scientifically give the corresponding decision-making in respect to the traffic conditions of different waterways.

                Shenzhen Haixing Wisdom Harbor

                51WORLD and China Merchants build a port digital twin simulation platform to realize real-time dynamic data-driven, full-life-cycle operation simulation in the port industry under the digital twin all-element scenario, and to realize real-time production monitoring and forecasting of smart ports on the basis of comprehensive perception, effectively supporting timely optimization of plans.

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