Comparison of Planning and Design Options Evaluation

The digital twin traffic simulation platform can realize multi-level integrated simulation under macro, meso and micro perspectives, which makes it possible to monitor the macro situation of urban traffic, project the program, and evaluate the effect of micro fine management program on 'one map', improving the convenience and continuity of program evaluation, and enhancing the value of macro, meso, and micro planning and designing of traffic business.

    Supervisory Monitoring of the Construction Process

    Through the three-dimensional modeling services of the construction site and BIM, IoT and other multi-source data fusion technology support, to achieve the construction site panoramic display, holographic perception of construction equipment, safety event monitoring, site equipment control, material asset management, construction progress dynamic twins, through the trend analysis, prediction, simulation, to help build the construction management of intelligent, standardized integrated business system, to solve the drawbacks of the traditional site management, to improve the management of construction construction and safety level, and to reduce the cost of site management and operation.

      Facilities and Equipment Management and Operation and Maintenance

      Based on BIM and other three-dimensional structured data, sensor IoT data, it realizes accurate restoration of facilities and equipment component level, and establishes archives for the components, realizes digital twinning of the road, provides accurate insight into the information of the relevant elements of the road infrastructure and equipment, realizes intelligent monitoring, emergency event disposal, maintenance and operation and maintenance management, and provides a more accurate business support capability for the road management side.

        Traffic Operation Management and Optimization

        By creating a digital twin traffic control platform with macro, meso and micro one map, it realizes the monitoring and full-area supervision of traffic operation situation in multiple dimensions, such as traffic operation, normal congestion, emergencies, public transport operation, public parking, etc., from the road network in the city area to the single intersection, and explores a new pattern of digital twin + traffic control to provide convenient, efficient and multi-dimensional control capability for the city operator, traffic management, owner units and so on.

          Emergency Preparedness and Disposal

          Based on high-precision digital twin scenarios, it carries real-time simulation computing services for complex scenarios such as buildings/roads and bridges/tunnels, realizes real-time computation of evacuation paths, time and density of tens of thousands of pedestrians, provides emergency evacuation suggestions for regional management personnel, and accesses multi-smart-body simulation and XR equipment to realize emergency drills and reduce management risks and potential risks to life and property safety.

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